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Why do you, as a home-based business need OneSource Tax Management

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This web site is designed to provide you with the tools and information necessary to comply with IRS rules and regulations as they relate to Direct Sellers.

These tools and information include:

  1. Simplified Monthly Bookkeeping
  2. Monthly and Year-to-Date Profit and Loss Statements
  3. Business Plan
  4. Budget Variance Analysis
  5. Documented changes in the way you conduct your business to become profitable
  6. Good Mileage Records
  7. Instant updates on any changes in the rules and regulations through our "News Flash"
  8. Analysis of IRS' "Direct Seller's Audit Technique Guide"
  9. Free link to "IBO Bookkeeping 101 at your IBOAI Board web site
    IBO Bookkeeping is a simple outline of income and expense categories related to your business and how to account for them. Very Important ��Read This Booklet!

The site also includes other tax help features such as:

  1. A Quarterly Tax Newsletter
  2. An IRS self-help section including
    1. Setting up payment plans with the IRS
    2. Filing extensions for your tax return filing
    3. Telephone number for refund tracking
    4. Overview of IRS offer-in-compromise program
  3. Links for tax return preparation and tax audit assistance
  4. General Sales Tax Overview

  • Are you a Direct Seller?
  • Are you a Home-Based Business?

Find out about Tax Management and how IRS Tax Compliance can help your business.

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Prepared Business Plan
  • Maintain Business Accounts
  • Proper Travel Uses & Expenses
  • The Manner in which the taxpayer conducts their daily business.
  • The Expertise of the Tax Payer and His Advisors
  • Time and Effort Expended by Taxpayer