Personal Integrity and Taxes

Demonstrate to the IRS that Your Business is Compliant

The IRS looks a little harder at home-based businesses. Get your home-based business in line with OneSource Tax.

We all have homes, cars, cell phones, computers, internet service and travel.

In home-based businesses these personal items can also become tax deductions, thereby opening the door for abuse on your tax return.

The site is designed for use only by people honestly building a direct-selling or home-based business, to help you operate your business in a business-like manner, and to demonstrate to the IRS that you are truly operating a business and taking proper deductions. Failure to work properly at building your business or other abusive tax practices will lead to unpleasant results not only for you, but your upline, downline and all direct sellers because of the image you portray.

It is also designed with an eye toward helping the IRS distinguish between honest taxpayers trying to build a profitable business and abusers.

The following quotes provide some food for thought on this subject.

"What is left when honor is lost" - Publias Syrius

"If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything" - Mark Twain

"Action is the sole medium of expression for ethics" - Jane Adams

"If in doubt, don’t take the money"
- Ethical Rule

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